BAA Curriculum

Keeping boys engaged, in class, and in school

Our H.O.P.E. for Boys Leadership 11 curriculum is a BAA – Board Authority Authorized Curriculum in the province of British Columbia, supported by the Ministry of Education.  H.O.P.E. for Boys Leadership 11 has been approved by the Abbotsford, West Vancouver and North Vancouver school districts.  The course has been adapted successfully for middle school use, and also to integrate grades 10 and 12.   Enrollment is based on administrative, teacher, counsellor and peer referral, and students pay no fees to attend or participate.

Excerpt from the Board/Authority Approved Framework: H.O.P.E. for Boys Leadership 11 considers all aspects, opportunities and challenges of contemporary life and 21st century learning for young Canadian male students today. It also explores the male universe historically, and in the future, as it relates to individuals, relationships, careers, communities, aboriginal and western societies, environment, the global village, and most particularly Canada.

In this course, there is a strong emphasis on the development of the individual (in essence, laying the foundation of H.O.P.E.) through the receiving of intense support in the areas of Hope, Opportunity, Positive mentorship, and Education. Hope is developed through the strong connections these young men will make to positive male influences in their lives. Opportunity is what is provided through the Boys Club Network mentors and the system of networks the organization provides. Positive mentorship comes through interactions with mentors and positive role models who will help guide students in a proactive and productive way. Educational opportunities are increased by helping to keep these young men in school and learning that knowledge is power.

This course promotes a healthy balance of personal well-being and academic success among boys and includes focused consideration, awareness, reflection, and improvement of one’s self and others. Learners will start with focusing on “Who am I and how did I arrive here? (consideration of family, ethnicity, social, physical and mental health and well-being, circumstance) leading to “What do I want to achieve/ want to become?” (consideration of individual and group values, beliefs, traditions, aspirations, academics) and finally, “How might I get there?”(consideration of ambition, education, mentorship, conflict management, financial literacy, physical and mental health and well-being, field studies)”.


Communication, creative and critical thinking, empathy, outreach, and responsibility figure prominently in a cumulative capstone project that focuses on personal development, well-being and empowerment, and celebrates the unique gifts, goodness, contributions and micro or macro leadership potential of all young men, regardless of race, religion, economy, or identity.   Aboriginal worldviews and perspectives are explored within First Peoples Principles of Learning.

The curriculum course concept and development was co-chaired by BCN President and co-founder Walter Mustapich and Abbotsford School District Assistant Superintendent Gino Bondi.  A working group of 18 educators, youth and mental health workers, Aboriginal educators and other stakeholders created the initial framework, based on in-class and field experience with boys ages 12-19.  To learn more about the curriculum and how BCN can help gain approval in your district, please be in touch.

A comprehensive list of lesson plans directly related to the H.O.P.E. for Boys Leadership 11 course are currently in development. All lesson plans follow the BC Ministry of Education’s New Curriculum guidelines, and cover topical subjects of particular interest and relevance to boys (based on teacher/leader, administrative and student feedback).  Recently, together with BCIT, we started building a framework for lesson plans that consider post-secondary entry into trades, business, computer science, and other scholarships.  A third stream of lesson + work plans for boys interested in pursuing specialized fields of study or apprenticeship (culinary, policing/justice, etc), are being developed together with working mentors and post-secondary institutions.   Lesson plans will be made available to all teacher/leaders as they are completed and approved.  To learn more, please be in touch.

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself"

– Oprah Winfrey